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hand-tied hair extensions

Welcome To IBE® Extensions

Prevents Damage; to your scalp and hair. Eliminates Discomfort; no bead contact on the scalp. Styling Versatility; no beads, bonds or braids showing when wearing in a high or low ponytail or any other styling options.

Hey Girl,

You have now entered the IBE® (Invisible Bead Extensions) Experience. Here you will find all the information you will need as well as answers to frequently asked questions, pricing and maintenance schedule. In the experience, you will be greeted with a glass of Wine, Mimosa or drink of your choice, a laid back clean relaxing environment, your choice of music or movies and snacks. For 2 or more rows, lunch will be provided. We will laugh, sing, tell jokes, talk about the latest series or books and just have a great time. This is your time and space to unwind and just BE. If you're looking for speed over quality, I am not the stylist for you. If you are looking for efficiency, quality, a 1 on 1 experience where you can relax and escape form your busy fast pace hustle and bustle, I am YOUR girl. 

Ready, click below to start your Digital Consultation. The first step in becoming the new and longer you ;)

Extension Services

Volume/ Density 1 Row

Perfect for clients that are NEW to Hand-Tied or Micro-Weft Extensions.

It will add fullness to Thinning or Fine hair, with a seamless blend.

Depending on hair texture, 1 row consist of 3-5 wefts.

Starting at $750-$1175


Colleens My fav.HEIC

*Most Requested* Volume + Length 2 Rows

Prefect for clients who have worn Hand-tied or Micro-Weft Extensions before looking to add more than 2 inches in length.

2 row install, 6-10 wefts will be add to create a seamless blend.

Starting at $1125-$2300


Amy's side profile_edited_edited.jpg

Complete Overhaul 3+ Row

Prefect for clients looking to growing out a blunt haircut or clients with heavily dense hair. Also ideal for those clients looking to add 22+ inches of hair. 

3 row install, 9-12

Starting at $2550-$3000


Amanda's 3 row flip-up_edited.jpg

Pricing includes: Cost of the Hair, Custom Coloring of the wefts only, Cutting to blend, Shampoo, Blow-drying and Style. You will also receive a starter product kit that includes:Professional sulfate free, paraben free, vegan and cruelty free Shampoo/Conditioner/Serum/a Silk Scrunchie and an at home Maintenance and Care Card. NON-REFUNDABLE, NON-TRANSFERRABLE reservation fee of $100 up to 50% of total services is due to reserve your appointment will be credit at time of service.


Maintenance is required every 6-9 weeks (depending on hair growth) to maintain the integrity of your natural hair, extensions and scalp.

Please ensure your hair is cleaned & dried the day of your reservation. As this will NOT include a shampoo+style.  However, you can add for an additional cost.

Maintenance reservation is typically 1.5hrs per row on average. Please a lot for additional time if coloring or shampooing is added on.

1 Row removal & reinstalled - $150

2 Row removal & reinstalled - $300

3 Row removal & reinstalled - $450

  • What is IBE® and is it the same as Hand-tied Extension
    IBE® is short for " Invisible Bead Extensions®" Which is a Patented Hair Extension brand and method. Hand-tied Extension is a form of wefts that are hand woven by humans.
  • How long will my investment last?
    With proper at home care, in salon timely maintenance and professional products, your investment can last between 8-12 months.
  • What is the difference between IBE® and other "invisible bead methods?
    IBE® was created with the health of the client’s scalp and hair at the top of our list. We create a unique track that focuses on flexibility and equal weight distribution. Our track is durable and is easily maintained due to the continuous track. We believe that minimal points of contact equal maximum points of damage. Unlike other traditional beaded weft methods, with IBE® there is no contact of a bead with the scalp at any time. Because of that, as well as our focus on proper tension, IBE® is a much more comfortable extension experience for guests. With IBE®, our focus is on the precision of stitching and beadwork which allows for a longer time in between move ups.
  • Is there a deposit due?
    A in person consultation is required for ALL new install. Upon completion and we determine you are a great fit for IBE, a NON-REFUNDABLE/NON TRANSFERRABLE reservation fee of $100 up to 50% will be due to reserve your appointment.

Our Clients Say

invisible bead extension
Dawn Desiree LLC is the loveliest! She made me feel like a queen with her full luxury experience. I got several rows of extensions for the first time and I absolutely love them. She has checked on me several times since getting the extensions making sure I'm loving them and I definitely am. It was the boost of confidence I needed. Thank you so much , Dawn

Brooke Forbus

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