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Looking For Volume, Length or Density?

At DD Studio we are proud to offer, IBE® Luxury Hand-Tied Extension and Flaunt, a Luxury Tape-In Extensions by Paul Mitchell 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I know which method to choose?

I can help with that! Start by scrolling down and reading through the extension services I offer. Once you fill out the digital consultation, I will be able to assist you with finalizing your selections.

How much will my extensions cost

Extension prices will vary. A thorough consultation is required for booking. Consultation fee: $40 for 30mins 0r $60 for 45mins.
The price range for Invisible Bead Extensions (IBE®) luxury hand-tied is $965-$3047+ and Tape-in $370-$1820 (+install) depending on many factors. Such as length, density, rows and method being use to create your overall end result. 

How often will I have to come in

To maintain the health and integrity of both your hair and your addition, it is recommend that you come in every 4-10 weeks depending on the method chosen.

Maintenace appointment are generally about 2hrs but can vary depending on method chosen. Which includes the removal and moving up of the hair.

With proper care (both in salon and at home) your addition can be expected to last up to 12 months.

Please come to the studio with Clean/Dried hair or a shampoo/blow-dry can be added for the normal fee. If color needs to be retouched, please add to your appointment as well.

What is the process like?

The experiences is a 3 step process.
First: We start with a digital consultation to determine if extensions and which method is right for you.

Second: We will meet in person to discuss your goals, lifestyle maintenance and color matching.

Third : Installation and styling. The installation process is about 1hr per row, with 2 row being average. We will conclude the experience with blending of your natural hair and a mini-tutorial on how to style your new hair.


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IBE® Hand-Tied Extensions 

Hand-Tied Additions Benefits


  • I offer the highest quality hand-tied human hair weft extension installation for women seeking to enhance their fullness, length, and texture of their natural hair.

  • Giving you beautiful and satisfying results without the use of glue, tape or heat. 

  • Professional color matched

  • Cut and blended to match your natural hair

  • 24 customizable color including Rooted and Balayage looks

  • Up to 24 inches depending on the vendor

  • $965+ for initial appointment 

  • $175+ per row for maintenance visits

Tape-In Extensiosn

Tape In Hair Extensions Benefit

  • Great to add length, density, color to thin/fine hair

  • Easy to install/remove

  • Reusable up to 3x if taken great care of

  • 24 customizable colors for great blending to natural hair

  • Up to 20 inches depending on vendor.

  • Full head can be done with 3-5 packs 

  • Maintenance appointment every 6-10 weeks depending on at home care and method chosen.

  • $370+ (not including instal)l For the initial appointment 

  • $175+ for maintenance appointment 

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